Armorial Updated December 26, 2017

The arms displayed here are the property of the individual member and may not be duplicated, used, published or otherwise disseminated without their permission.

With effect of August 20, 2011 Generic Arms (those not personally assumed or achieved by the holder) cannot be displayed in the Armorial of the Society.  The Society encourages those members interested to contact the Vice Chancellor for advice in this area.



The Society accepts arms granted by a national agency, a recognized entity for the registration of arms, unique designed arms and inherited arms. We cannot post “generic” arms commonly available on the internet without proof of your right to display it. Whether granted or assumed, Coats of Arms must be designed by the strict rules of heraldry.


Members Armorial

The Coats of Arms of Officers and Members

Updated December 2017



His Grace, The Late Sir Ian Campbell, 12th Duke of Argyll

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TMH. Ross McCune of Coll-Earn and Elphinstone, Baron of Elphinstone, NSC, Honorary Chieftain (Chairman)



H.E. the Chev. Roger Carlton Sherman, NSC, Chancellor (President)

(as devised as a member of the Grand Council OSLJ)



Sir Jeffrey James Mickelson, KtB, LMNSC, Vice Chancellor (Vice President)



H.E. the Chev. Thomas Paul Westgaard, NSC Treasurer Emeritus



Chev. Michael Quigley LMNSC, Deputy  Chancellor & Herald



Kevin D. Couling, Lord of Little Neston cum Hargrave,  HNSC

First Herald


Douglas Scott Files, MD, NSC, Archivist & Secretary of the Society


Evan Patrick McCarthy, LMNSC, Director of Communications



Michael Roch James Doyle, HNSC

Editor Emeritus, The AWEN



Katy Lumsden, HNSC



Scott MacMillan of Rathdown, HNSC



Romilly Squire of Rubislaw, Baillie of Plean HNSC








El Cavalier Quinn Josiah Crowninshield Bradlee, FSA Scot, FRSA, LMNSC, 14th Lord of Newbold-on-Stour



Rev. Harold Cannon NSC, Custodian of Insignia



The Rt. Rev. Louis Victor Carlson, Bishop of Elphinstone, NSC


Natalie de Clare, 4th Countess of Markland, NSC



Lorraine Gaston Ennis, NSC



Jean-Paul Gauthier, NSC



Baron Denis Anthony Hoban, Bn. LMNSC


Christopher John Brown Hoctor,  LMSC 


Iain McIntyre-Younger, Baron of Culmullin,  LMNSC




Dennis Edward Morgan, LMNSC





Lawrence Slight Jr., LMNSC, Treasurer



Count Michael Subritzky-Kusza, NSC



Chev. John Thoma, NSC





Joseph Uphoff, NSC